• Implementation base on high performance cloud computing client - server architecture
  • Support multithreading 32 / 64-bit windows OS
  • Use the latest JAVA implementation technology and developed with a modular design
  • The intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Coarse Doppler rate estimation based on embedded orbit information and refining using signal dependence algorithm
  • High quality SAR image and high precision phase

With File Manager UI Real Cloud Solution

Supported by cloud computing, users can enjoy high-speed processing of SAR image focusing.

With SIF, parameter-setting will be the only thing you need to do.

More Advanced Settings

Compare SIF with other SAR focusing applications, SIF not only has Input / Output data

Cbut also SIFlite and SIF module to better meet the professional needs

  • Doppler ambiguity estimation
  • Doppler centroid estimation
  • Doppler function regression
  • Calculate range spectrum from raw
  • Range compression
  • Doppler rate estimation
  • Azimuth compressed
  • Multilook processing
  • Delivering for Further Application

    For easy display and delivering for further application, ENVI and Tiff are the two supported output formats by SIF.

    Single look complex image Float 32-bit/complex, ENVI
    Unsigned 8-bit/complex, TIFF
    Multi look intensity image Float 32-bit/complex, ENVI
    Unsigned 8-bit/complex, TIFF

    High Quality End-products

    The results of SIF can get the best display on SAR-NAV, and also can use for subsequent analysis and statistics.