airGmap Aerospace Technology is a company dedicated to developing remote sensors and Internet Of Things ( IOT ) servers for publishing geo-information. We offer total solutions for geo-database management compatible with highly efficient and flexible user experience. Being devoted to the design and development of multi-sensors/platforms specific for aerospace, underwater, on the ground and underground surveillance, we are capable to provide users flexible deployment alternatives and innovative user interface based on our customer demands.

airGmap is based in London, UK. We specialized in space remote sensing, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, communication system, hydrologic engineering, image processing and analysis, aerospace navigation, geological engineering, cartography, software engineering, and computer engineering. Based on the latest big data trend, airGmap has developed a whole new strategy for IOT solutions. We not just provide high-tech products for end-users ( eg. signal analysis for optical / microwave / thermal / hyperspectral remote sensors, as well as accelerator and gyroscope ), but advanced concepts - Environment Information Services ( EIS ) as intelligent decision support for our customers, which comprises information extraction and integration, flexible structure design, and compliance with the open standard protocol for IOT services.

Solutions from airGmap:

  • Ambient intelligence for solutions of big data
  • Data-collection and supply of environmental data from multi-sensors / platforms for aerospace, underwater, on the ground and underground surveillance.
  • Data processing and analysis-pretasking of satellite imagery acquisition, RADAR image focusing, interferometric RADAR, software for target recognition of optical, radar images and various sensors, consultant service for extraction and streaming techniques.
  • Service for information dissemination-ambient intelligence management service / platform provides cloud computing solutions for big data processing and transmission, with aim to offer an intuitive ( 2D / 3D ), highly efficient, and highly operational platform for data dissemination.
  • Sensor Network Solution for the Internet of Things ( IOT )
  • Thermal, infrared, and optical sensors and HD camera.
  • Airborne, space-borne, ground-based, and UAV-based sensor, used in oblique, mobile, and close-up photograph as to atypical surveying and mapping technology.
  • Design / assembly of remote-sensor parts and those for sensing acceleration, vibration, and gyroscope.
  • Support wireless network system for remote data collection and transmission.
  • Applications
  • IOT-tech is expected to bring forth the next revolutionary change in urban management. As a pioneer for intelligent land planning, airGmap provides total IOT solutions for the following fields:
  • Advanced application
  • Multi-sensors
  • High-speed transmission network
  • Integration of disseminated information
  • Analysis of big data
  • Open architecture
  • Public service
  • Generating commercial value
  • Future civic education
  • Urbanization has put forward critical management issues and introduced numerous social impacts. In the digital age, Wisdom 2.0 is at the leading edge for social development. With EIS strategy and advanced sensor equipments, airGmap could totally support the future development of smart city and intelligent land planning.